Unity Place pilot

Introducing a new way of working, with Neighbourhhoods

There are 8 neighbourhoods per floor in Unity Place. Each neighbourhood will have: 

Team table: an 8-person worktable (if sitting down with a laptop) or a 16-person meeting table. 

The Team Table has been designed with collaboration at its heart. No more monitors, dividers, fixed sockets blocking your view of colleagues or interrupting your brainstorm. This table will allow 16 people to spread out their ideas on the table, or adjacent whiteboard. When needed, a mobile screen can be wheeled into the space.

Focussed table: an 8-person worktable with single large screen monitor 

The Focussed Table has been designed for individual focussed work. It will allow 8 people to book a single large screen monitor without any distractions. As ‘sitting is deemed the new smoking’, we anticipate colleagues will want to book these monitors for 2-4 hours at a time. 

Flexi space: a 6–8-person workspace when you don’t want to be sitting at a desk

These flexi spaces can be what you want them to be. Different furniture setting different scenes is the ambition. It could be sofa and stools for a more relaxed meeting, or demountable tables and stackable chairs for a creative workshop, or just a space for colleagues to break away from the desk and hold a standing meeting.