What’s On at Unity Place

Welcome to the Unity Place Pilot

We have created this Pilot space so that you can experience the Unity Place workspace design, or the makings of. 

It may only be a small space, but it showcases some fundamental themes for furniture, technology, brand, and wayfinding. 

It might look like a bit of a ‘mix-match’, that’s because it is! This is intentional as we want to hear from you about what works, what doesn’t, what we need more of.

Your feedback will have a direct impact on what we do next and how we place our orders for Unity Place. 

Your task is to… 

Imagine yourself in Unity Place (whether that is 2 days per month or 4 days per week) and think about what furniture and technology you will need to…collaborate with colleagues…be your most productive…enable choice of work settings throughout the day…

Your thoughts are welcomed